Cables and Adapters

The following Apple cables and adapters are available:


  • Apple 30-pin to USB
  • 30-pin to VGA
  • Digital AV HDMI adapter
  • Camera Connection Kit
  • USB-C 2M charge cable
  • USB-C to VGA or AV
  • USB-C to USB adapter
  • USB-C Lightning 1M
  • USB-C Lightning 2M
  • USB-C 29W Power
  • USB-C Power 61W/87W
  • Lightning to Micro USB
  • Lightning to USB 1M
  • Lightning to USB 2M
  • Lightning to VGA/AV
  • Lightning to USB-C (1M/2M)
  • Magsafe-Magsafe2


Marianas Electronics carries a variety of power sources, cables and adapters to meet all your Apple product needs.